Special construction works

Rehabilitation of all types of buildings is our inevitable reality. We are witnessing daily needs for certain repairs on buildings; from the smallest to the largest economic entities, public enterprises and ministries, to individuals. By their nature, damage or defects can be the result of objective or subjective, and even, rarely, intentional errors, which are sometimes hidden and are known to occur only after the expiry of the Contractor's warranty period.

The drawbacks can be divided into:

  • errors in execution
  • errors in design
  • damage due to temperature, mechanical or chemical impacts
  • deliberate mistakes for any reason
  • damage as a consequence of war
  • works on improvement of stability and durability of the building

The extent of rehabilitation varies from trivial local deficiency, to very demanding, complex and expensive construction works, depending on the required number of engaged highly skilled labour, equipment and materials or the complexity of detecting causes. Performing repair works is a very responsible job, either from the standpoint of investors to whom these works are often an unplanned expense, outside the regular maintenance, or because the most expensive repair works are those that are carried out unsuccessfully. An additionally aggravating factor in the performance of rehabilitation works is that they are often performed in a short time, in time of overhaul, and require a continuous 24-hour operation so that defects could be eliminated in the shortest time possible. Such conditions require the contractors' broad knowledge regarding the selection of the most appropriate materials, special equipment and very disciplined and trained staff.

Successful and efficient performance of rehabilitation works requires the contractor's continuous monitoring and improvement of all his potential; from modern machinery, tools and equipment, to continuous improvement and mastering of new technologies, materials and processes that will enable him to successfully perform the works. Rehabilitation is usually as successful as we are able to determine in the design and to remove all negative influences that led to the current situation ...

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