Special construction works

The list of our equipment contains ten high pressure pumps of 1500 to 2500 bar and capacity of 25 to 150 l/min, of total power approximately 2000 kW.

In addition to all types of hand spray guns and various tools, we are equipped with four robotized and computer controlled devices.

We also dispose of all types of pumps and grout packers, from hand to electrical, for different grout suspensions, ready-mix or prepared on the site, consolidation grouting, grout epoxy resins, polyurethane and other chemical grouts and for grouting grout suspensions with fills.

We also dispose of five sets of non-percussion drilling equipment with diamond tools, of profiles 25 to 500 mm, and two sets of tools for deep boring with air, geomechanical drills and numerous presses for placing and bracing of anchors and stirrups, micro piles and consolidation works.

Furthermore, we have complete equipment for preparation of shotcrete (sprayed concrete) – equipment for wet mix process and dry mix process, as well as equipment for sand blasting.

We have five motor compressors, of capacity 8 to 20 m3 air/min, and a number of power generator units of 15– 150 kW, with kilometres of rubber power cables of all profiles, site cubicles and reflectors.

We also own specially made rolling scaffolds for arch and beam bridges, rotating engine with working platform up to the height of 16 m and about 3000 m2 of tubular scaffold.

The company's rolling pool consists of more than twenty vehicles, passenger cars and freight vehicles.

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